Individuals can and should work together to positively impact society.  This power is precious and should be treated with reverence.  Those who can help, should.  Most situations can be win-win-win with enough effort.

As civil rights leader leader John Lewis often asks, If not us, then whom?  If not now, then when?

Unfortunately, this perspective exists in the minority.  More often than not, people are driven by their own motives — focusing on their individual gains rather than the public good.  As a result, my political practice implements an eclectic, often paradoxical, pragmatic approach.  Big data needs qualitative causal stories to explain why and how phenomena are related.


I have also served as an ad hoc lobbyist for several issues at the local and state level.  I have helped pass employee rights legislation, campaign ethics reform, among many other bills.  I have also served as a “watchdog” to help play defense against bad ideas.


Due to my pragmatic approach to politics, I have worked for independents, Republicans, and Democrats.  My favorite experiences involve coalitions of several viewpoints working toward a common purpose.  I advocate for the people and policies I believe are best.  Regrettably, the best statesmen often are not the best politician.

The highlight of my career came in 2007, when I finally earned a spot at the helm of a campaign. After taking the high road against mudslinging and losing the spending battle 3:1, we won.

I have specialized in brand messaging, grassroots campaigning, polling, and microtargeting.  Most recently, I have consulted candidates and high level campaign advisers needing help staying objective.  I serve as a “ground” to keep candidates and campaign managers from getting caught in their own spin.

Annual Win Loss Record

1996 (1-0) State House W
1997 (0-0)
1998 (1-0) State House W
1999 (0-0)
2000 (1-0) State House W
2001 (1-0) State Question W
2002 (1-1) State Question W, Governor L
2003 (0-0)
2004 (0-1) Mayor L
2005 (0-0)
2006 (0-2) Local Initiative Petition L, U.S. Congress L
2007 (3-0) Mayor W, City Council W, City Council W (Campaign Manager)
2008 (0-1) State House L
2009 (3-1) Municipal Reforms (3) W, Municipal Reform L
2010 (0-1) U.S. Congress L
2011 (0-0)
2012 (1-0) Local School Council W (Candidate)
2013 (0-0)
2014 (1-0) Local School Council W (Candidate)
2015 (0-0)
2016 (1-0) Local School Council W (Candidate)
2017 (1-0) Local School Council Advisory Board W (Candidate)

TOTAL: 15-7, 5-0 as Campaign Manager