End of Neoliberalism

On January 1, I predicted that the 2016 election cycle would be an electoral realignment.  I was largely accurate; however I missed one main point: the changes to political discourse would … Read More

American Carnage

Six months into Trump’s run as President, it is clear that the United States is facing an extremely difficult, exceedingly complex set of problems without capably leadership.  Trump described this … Read More

Neopluralism and Brexit

Voters in the United Kingdom have voted for the Brexit, a referendum for Great Britain to leave the European Union.  This is a monumental decision, which will have a large impact on … Read More

What are they thinking?

I have taken some time over the last several weeks to try to answer the question, “What are they thinking?” when it comes to people’s support for various Presidential candidates. … Read More

Election 2014

It is time for the 2014 Election Day predictions…  Feel free to play along with the 2014 Pick ’em. Each of the 36 senate races are worth a point; the … Read More