Data Driven Pedagogy

In a belated quest to find a single document from a few years ago, I uncovered some notes that I had made while teaching high school.  I started looking through … Read More

Why I Left Education

Today, I taught my last class.  After a decade of teaching, I am hanging up my teaching boots.  I am leaving for three reasons.  First, I am in a comfort zone, and … Read More

The Impending Suburban Crisis

Much of the recent hullabaloo over municipal finance has focused on large cities.  Detroit’s bankruptcy largest peer is Birmingham-Jefferson County, Alabama’s financial failure last year.  These large-scale crises often have many … Read More

Detroit Autopsy

Detroit Autopsy August 1, 2013 On July 18, 2013, the City of Detroit, Michigan filed for bankruptcy protection, citing billions in bonds and the lack of viable options to service … Read More