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Election 2018 Predictions

It’s time for the biannual election predictions… The much ballyhooed “Blue Wave” will not be enough to capture the Senate, and it is extremely likely that the Republicans will retain the House.  2018 is a particularly fractious midterm season, with increased turnout, larger attempts at voter suppression, and the most bitter tone for politics in […]

Crisis of Competence

As we mark the one year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, the United States in the midst of a Crisis of Competence.  Congress is unable to pass budgets (or budget extensions) needed to keep the government open.  The British Parliament openly debated banning Trump from visiting one of America’s key allies.  Centuries of expertise have been purged from […]

American Carnage

Six months into Trump’s run as President, it is clear that the United States is facing an extremely difficult, exceedingly complex set of problems without capably leadership.  Trump described this “American Carnage” in his inauguration speech.  After the jump, there are some quick solutions to many of these challenges that continue to worsen. Russia Russia meddled […]